Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sudoku, Tea, and Birthday Parties

After several hours of playing Sudoku and attempting to read The Shack, I finally made it to Dublin! The lack of sleep must've made me look a bit suspicious because "your man" at the airport eyed my passport for a long time and asked me lots of questions before letting me into the country. Apparently being too vague on your entrance form is not the best approach. After verifying that I did indeed have a place to stay and a ticket home, I got a stamp in my passport and a nod to continue on!

Normally, I would bypass baggage claim and straight through to customs. Not this trip. Out of my deep love for the Karnes, I was hauling 47.5 pounds of peanut butter, chocolate icing, vanilla extract, maple flavoring, loofahs, craisins, and birthday presents! Once I squeezed my way out of all the baggage claim chaos, I breezed through customs and into the lobby. It wasn't hard to spot the Karnes in the crowd. Scott was flashing a giant smile and waving the big sign Davis made for me. There was lots of screaming and hugging and more hugging.

The Irish drink tea. I think I'm gonna be a big fan, I drank 2 pots after I got up from my nap! But I will say that drinking lots of tea is not a good idea if you want to sleep through the night...

Today is Bailey's birthday! We opened some presents this morning and are expecting lots of guests for the party this afternoon... she made a list, Davis is checking people in at the door, it's kind of a big deal...

Church tomorrow. The Smiths and Hutsons arrive in a few days. We've got a big week ahead!