Friday, April 9, 2010

How many thousands could Flat Jesus feed with 2 fish and an order of chips?

Yesterday was "Big Adventure Thursday"!  After breakfast, the Karnes, Smith, and I, along with Flat Jesus and Flat Stanley, headed to the DART station for a day of exploring.  We headed north to Howth.  As far as I know, Howth is all about 2 things... fish and tourists... and believe me,  we saw a lot of both (Well, we didn't as much see the fish as smell them, but they were definitely there!)

We walked down to the pier to see the seals.  They don't do much except float and stare, but they still draw quite a crowd.  We went to a chippy for lunch and ate our fish and chips(aka french fries) by the sea.

When we'd had our fill of Howth, we returned to the DART and waited for the next train.

This time we headed south to City Center.  Our first stop was at Ha'Penny Woolen Mills to get Denise some quilting thread.  We crossed the Ha'Penny Bridge (aka the "you-used-to-have-to-pay-half-a-penny-to-cross-here bridge") and found ourselves in Temple Bar, which is probably the most urban-trendy place in Dublin.


We headed from Temple Bar to Grafton Street, full of shop and street performers, and then on to St. Stephen's Green.  I decided to break off from the rest of the group here and do some exploring on my own.

My plan was to walk around the area I'm interested in living.  Long story short, I did NOT go the way I should have and after an hour of walking I was STILL walking.  At one point along my journey, "your man" on his delivery bike stopped to ask directions.
Our conversation went like this...

Your man: Hiya.  Do you know how to get to...?
Me: No.  Do you know how to get to a DART?
Your man: No

Thanks for nothing, dude... I kept walking.  Finally I got into an area of town that was slightly familiar and soon enough I made my way to a DART station.

I got back to the Karnes' just in time to leave again.  We all went and ate some good Irish food at Pat and Rose McGlynn's house.  It was delicious.

This morning, I googled my journey... you know, for kicks and giggles.  If I had gone the right way, I would've walked 1.9 km (about 20 mins).  Instead, I walked 6.2 km and about an hour and 15 min!  Oops.

And here's a quick "holla" for my best friend Jael Beamon Hastings because yesterday was her birthday and birthdays are my favorite!

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