Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A prayer from the deep of my soul...

Rock of Ages.  Ancient of Days.  Adonia.  El Shaddai.  Jehovah.  Great I am.  God of Israel.  Father of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  Sovereign Lord who led the Israelites through the desert, who defeated nations, who raised up the prophets.  Creator.  Redeemer.  Most High God.  Alpha.  Omega. 

You are All in All.  You are time and space.  You are Love.  You are Peace.  You are Light.  You are Truth.  You are faithful.  You heal.  You comfort.

You are holy.  You reign over your creation.  Nothing can be that You have not made. 

You are all knowing.  You are all powerful.  You are everywhere.  Nowhere cannot escape You.  You are the Consuming Fire.  You are the Wind.  You are a Whisper.  You are the Thunder.  You are the air I breathe.  You fill my soul.  You give life to my body.  You give knowledge to my mind.  You sustain me.  You fulfill me. 

You calm the storm.  You make quiet rivers rage.  You move mountains and You part seas.
You have plans for me.  You prosper me.  You are my Hope. 

You are the Mighty Conqueror.  You are the Great Warrior.  You fight.  You win. 

You are the Giver.  You are the Sustainer.  You are the Bread of Life.  You are the Way.  You are the Judge.  You were first.  Nothing was before you.  You will be last.  Nothing can be without You.

You are the High Priest.  You are the Great Teacher.   You are the Lion.  You are the Lamb.

You quench.  You satisfy.  You clothe.  You bless.

You are Father.  You are King.  You are Lord.  You are Ruler of Heaven and Earth.  Nothing is above You.  Your kingdom is forever.

You are my Fortress.  You are my Rock.  You are my Strong Tower.  You are a shield about me.  You are the Stream in the Desert.  You are the Lifter of my head.

My soul cries out for You.  My heart longs for You.  I seek.  I stumble.  You are there.  You guide me.  You catch me.  You are patient.  You wait for me.  You are persistent.  You do not give up on me.  I lose my way.  You find me.  You are my Deliverer.

You are eternal.  You are merciful.  You are full of grace.  Your love is unconditional.  You extend.  I accept.  You are steadfast.  Your love never ceases.

You are Three and You are One.  You are Master.  You are servant.  You command angels.  You drive out demons.  You wash feet.   You touch lepers.

You are in control.  It is Your Kingdom.  It is Your Vision.  It is Your Mission.  You are Lord of the Harvest.  You will prepare my way.  You will light my path.  I am eager.  I am consumed.  I am excited.  I am overwhelmed.  I am disheartened.  I am weary.  I am afraid.  I am reminded of Your Promise.  The battle belongs to You, Lord.  The battle is already won.  Nothing to lose.  Everything to gain.  Your Kingdom holds the victory!

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