Sunday, April 11, 2010

I heart peanut butter pie!

It all started yesterday... my love affair with the peanut butter pie, though some would go as far as calling it an obsession.  Denise made the pie yesterday because it had to freeze for at least 8 hours.  She let me lick the beaters.  That was the first mistake!  After one tiny taste my heart and tongue were bound together forever.  I knew at once that no other pie on earth would ever make me as happy as this pie before me.  But the taste was just a tease.  The pie must be frozen.  I kept stealing wayward glances at the freezer.  Then Denise would scold me for lusting and remind me of the painful truth...we're not eating that pie until tomorrow!  So I was forced to wait.

I hardly slept.  I tossed and turned.  I was tortured by nightmares about the demise of my precious pie.  Finally, morning came!  Today was going to be a glorious day!  Today was the Day We Eat the Pie!  I rushed down stairs.  I even managed to peek into the freezer before Denise, with her ever watchful eye, quickly sent me away to get ready for church.

 After service, the church had a little potluck for us.  Nothing big, just sandwiches and cake and some mingling with the members.  I tried to eat a piece of the cake, but every bite just made me yearn for my peanut butter pie even more.  I finally resigned myself to the fact that no other dessert would every satisfy desire for decadence.  I did not eat my cake.

This afternoon we just enjoyed our time together as a team.  We played cards.  We ate dinner.  And then...

The best thing happened!  Denise opened the freezer!  She reached for the pie!  She brought plates and forks!  Of course, we had to follow the proper protocol.  We lit candles.  We sang.  And then there was cutting, and passing of plates.  My mouth was salivating in anticipation, IT WAS TIME TO EAT THE PIE!  At last!  I took a small bite of my pie and slowly brought it to my mouth.  This second taste was even more powerful than my first!  Sweet, creamy, peanut butterey goodness that melted in my mouth.  My eyes closed, all thoughts vanished, I was swimming in culinary ecstasy.  Before I could stop it, I heard a low "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" escape my throat.

That was the best pie I've EVER had!

Thank you Scott for being born on this day 43 years ago!  Afterall, it was the celebration of that glorious event that introduced me to the most McAwesome pie in the world!  Happy Birthday!!!


  1. Jo, you may have to find an AA-type program for your new addiction. :-)
    No kidding, I love what you wrote. I think there's a great writer in you. LOL


  2. What's that dessert my sister is serving behind you? It appears to be apple oriented.

  3. Yes apple pie in a 10 X 10 dish because I don't have another pie plate. It was good too.