Monday, April 5, 2010

If I fall off this thing and break my leg, run and get your mom as fast as you can!

No rain in Dublin today... just sun and lots of wind. To take advantage of the good weather, Davis and Bailey agreed to show me the park behind their house. Dublin has the COOLEST parks... very posh playground equipment! I mean, the slides and swings I grew up on don't even compare to what Dublin has to offer.

We climbed. 
We slid. 
We spun.  
We laughed A LOT!

The one thing I learned: it's a whole lot scarier when you're big. I do have one thing going for me... at least I'm taller than my favorite color!

Shay, Juli, and baby Ashlyn come tomorrow. It's about to get very crowded in the Karnes' house!!!


  1. It only took Jo 5 hours to make her blog page look the way she wanted it to.

  2. and it's not done yet... perfection is a process that takes a long time. duh, denise :)