Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Operation No Monster

Yesterday morning, after church, Daddy said, "Hey, let's have home group at our house!"  Uh, hello, Daddy... did you forget about a little monster named Dakota that lives at our house?  That's how Operation No Monster was born.  The objective: drive the monster out of the dog.
Jes and Rob came over to go to lunch for Jes's birthday (Happy Birthday, Rosi!), then it was time for Operation No Monster to commence.  Rob agreed to come along, so we packed a very excited Dakota into the backseat and headed for the lake.

The weather was perfect!  Surprisingly, the lake wasn't too crowded.  We found our own little beach and Dakota swam her heart out.  We also found a dead turtle with it's guts hanging out... figured I'd share...

Operation No Monster was a success!  Dakota was very well behaved at home group.  She didn't attack anyone.  North Dakota.

Here's a self-portrait of Rob and Dakota on the way home.

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  1. I'm impressed Rob is in so many pics here. Good job Jo! Breaking down barriers. Bailey will be proud of you.