Sunday, November 6, 2011

Retrograde Jet-lag?

So I know I've been in Ireland five months (can you believe it's been that long?!?!), but jet-lag is still the best explanation I can come up with for my inability to fall asleep before 4am.  Last night made four nights in a row of counting sheep and twiddling my thumbs into the wee hours of the morning... apparently there aren't enough sheep in Ireland. 

Once I finally fell asleep, I dreamed that my sisters were here (they're coming January 19!!!!!).  We were walking around city center and it started to rain.  Amy and I had rain jackets on.  Jes didn't.  I asked her where her jacket was and she said she forgot to bring one.  Note to anyone coming to visit Dublin: you will need a rain jacket.  It should be the first thing on your "Things to Pack" list.  Jes, maybe you should go ahead and put your jacket in your suitcase... just to make sure you don't actually forget it.

November is going to be a crazy-busy month around here.  We're going to Rothenburg, Germany for the Euro-American Family Retreat.  Then it's back to Dublin for Thanksgiving and a weekend selling mugrugs and pillows at the Marlay Craft Fair.  In between all that, I'll be churning out quality assignments for IBI and getting ridiculously strong at Crossfit.  "Ridiculously strong" may be an overstatement... let's say "sufficiently whipped" instead.

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