Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's crunch time, baby!

The Marlay Craft Fair is just a couple weeks away!  Denise, Juli, and myself have gone craft-crazy trying to get ready for our booth... the Prickly Pear... don't laugh.  We leave for Germany next Friday and won't be back until Wednesday.  Then Thursday is Thanksgiving (insert mouth-watering, tummy-growling, spine-shivering excitement).  Then the fair starts Friday!  That means we only have five solid days of crafting left.  I'll be at school for two of those days.  Plus one day of mock-set-up/packing for Germany/miscellaneous non-crafting activity.  So forget the five days.  I've got two.  Two days.  Forty-eight hours.  Oh, I do love pressure!

I invited myself to Denise's house for an overnight Crunch-Time-Craft-Day.  We were very productive.  Scott had to stand on the table to accurately document all the productfullness.  I finished several mug rugs.  And I quilted/bound/washed two quilts... which was quite an accomplishment, considering I broke three needles and had countless machine-related issues.  No time to dwell on the problems.  Gotta keep trucking stitching.

Busy.  Busy.  Busy.  Humming machines.  Grunts of frustration.  It's always better when you have company.  Thanks for the "invitation", Denise.


A sampling of mug rugs.

What's a mug rug?  A little rug for your mug of tea (or coffee, or hot chocolate, or juice, or whatever) plus room for a biscuit (or cookie, or scone, or apple, or whatever).

Some pillows.

Some zippy pouches.

A quilt to finish.  Next thing on The-List.

What's left:
one more quilt to quilt/bind
a few pillows
lots of mug rugs, maybe 15 or so
cut all the loose strings off EVERYTHING
homework (yuck)

No more time to waste... it's crunch time, baby!!!!!!!!

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