Friday, June 10, 2011

Just stick to The Plan

What a week!  It was a I'm-so-busy-I-can't-even -make-full-sentences kind of week.  Somehow I managed to stay generally peaceful and not at all frantic.  I credit The Plan for the lack of chaos that usually surrounds me.  Even Mooly was proud.  Last night, as we were calmly doing last minute things, she said, "Well, you're about 2 days ahead of where I thought you'd be tonight."  She was so proud!  And I should clarify that these "last minute things" were not things that I had put off until the last minute (like waiting until last week to get my Texas driver's license that I should've got 13 months ago) but rather things that naturally come last...

A few more Last-Minute-Things to do in the next 7 hours:
*eat a chicken biscuit for breakfast
*sweep the floor in my room
*get the Last-Minute-Laundry folded and into a bag... I'm just not sure where it's gonna fit yet
*pet Dakota
*organize all the things that didn't make it in a bag for this trip but are coming in January with Jes (squeal!)
*ask Mooly if there's anything else I need to do
*go to One-Last-Happy-Hour at Sonic on the way to the airport

I'm hoping I won't have any trouble with my excessive amounts of luggage.  Pray for a friendly and compassionate ticket agent at the airport!  I figure that if our God can get all the Israelites out of Egypt then He can probably get all my bags out of DFW.

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