Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Best Sunburn Ever

Mooly, you probably shouldn't read this post, because you will scold me and give me "the line"...

When I moved to Ireland, I was afraid my skin would never see the sun again.  Yesterday, all my fears were put to rest.

Juli has been playing softball with a team here in Dublin.  I very willingly let her wrangle me into joining her.  She was, unfortunately, out of town for the tournament this weekend.  I was left all alone and had to do some wrangling myself.  Luckily, My-Friend-Kyle was more than happy to be wrangled.

I managed to get some sunscreen on my face before I left.  And Denise was kind enough to put some on my back.  I figured the rest of my body could enjoy a couple hours of quality vitamin D before I layered it with SPF.

We played 4 games in a row before stopping for a lunch break.  I played 1st base.  I was no Albert Pujols, but I handled the glove pretty well.  We even got a double play!  I'm embarrassed to say that I struck out swinging in at least my first 5 at-bats.  I don't want to point any fingers, but I will mention that Scott took me out to hit baseballs the other night.  Totally threw me off my slow-pitch groove.  By the second game, I was at least making a little contact with the ball.  And in game three I hit a double!  Whoohooo!  MFK totally showed me up with his 2 home runs, but who's counting?

Around 3:30pm, before our 5th game, I thought Wow!  I've been out here a while.  Maybe I should put some sunscreen on.  Too little, too late.  If I was still in Dallas, I would never have been so deceived.  Intense heat would remind me that I need more protection.  But here, the burn crept up on me.  It was hidden behind partly cloudy skies and a nice breeze and a mild 75 degrees.  Best sunburn ever.

It doesn't look so bad today.  In 3 days it'll be brown (hopefully), and I'll feel a bit more like my usual-summer-self.  My muscles, on the other hand, are complaining a bit.  Apparently, 7 hours of softball was too strenuous.  My short legs aren't used to having to hustle.