Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hope: Round Two

A few months ago, I wrote this post on the things I hope for.  But after the IBI retreat, and a slightly-too-close-to-home assignment on "singleness", it seems that there is more to be said about the nature of my hope. 

"What do you hope for?"  That was the question we were asked.  It wasn't hard to come up with lots of answers.  They range from completely superfluous to completely genuine.

I hope that...
*the Rangers win the World Series this year.
*I can go home for Christmas.
*Mooly and Daddy come visit me in Dublin.
*I eventually run into Liam McAwesome.
*my wings stay as strong as my roots are deep.
*I can let go of myself and surrender everything to Christ... for real.
*God is proud of me.
*my Daddy is proud of me.
*when people look at me, they see Jesus.
*my work and my passion will always have something in common.
*I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing.
*I won't always be so far away from Home.
*and so on...

(Several of my "hopes" had something to do with Sonic Happy Hour and/or Mexican food.  They were too ridiculous to properly mention.)

Family.  Faith.  Future.  Health.  Happiness.  Love.  Success.  It all went through my mind.  Then I found it.  The core of what I hope for.  The one thing that I want most: To know and be known by my Creator.  To be of one mind and one heart with Yahweh.  To pursue Him as passionately as He pursues me. 

And we boast in the hope of the glory of God.  --Romans 5:2

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  1. If by Liam McAwesome, you mean Liam Neeson, he is OURS! (He was born in Northern Ireland.) So HANDS OFF, LADY! ;)

    Also, several of your hopes are already true- so it is my hope that God makes it clear to you what is already true: God is already proud of you. And when people look at you, they already do see Jesus. Also, God has you in Dublin for a reason, so you should feel confident that you're where you should be and he will lead and inspire you to do what he has in mind. AND- you won't always be so far away from home once Dublin feels more like Home. Its hard to have two homes, and there is always a hard balance between the two, but you will feel more comfortable eventually.

    love you and can't wait to see you THIS WEEKEND!!!