Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Zero

I could barely sleep last night.  I didn't think this morning would ever come.  It did!  Denise and Bailey came with me to the airport.  They helped me be patient.  Mostly.  I contained my excitement for as long as I could, but I nearly exploded when I finally saw my sisters walk through the door.  I heard Mooly's request from the email she sent, "Just don't get arrested for being too loud at the airport."  Denise didn't want anyone getting arrested either.  I tried to keep the volume down.  I did scream for one tiny second once the elevator doors closed.  I couldn't help it.

We had tea and grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches at the Karnes' house.  About an hour later, we headed over to my house.  Jes said, "Whoa, it looked a lot bigger on the computer."  After the 2 minute tour, we had "Christmas."  Mostly fabric I'd shipped to my parents' house.  Lots of fabric.  It was wonderful.  When they couldn't keep their eyes open any longer, we put on shoes and coats and walked to the grocery store.  Amy fell asleep while the pasta was cooking.  She woke up long enough to eat, take a shower, and watch a couple episodes of Friends.  I tucked them in around 7:30pm.   'Night-night sisters...

 I can't believe I get to see them everyday for the next two and a half weeks!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. AH!!!! So excited and happy for you! That video was so cute- almost made me tear up a bit! Hope you ladies have a blast together!