Sunday, September 25, 2011

My first homework.

My studies at IBI are picking up.  Each class fits seamlessly with the work here in Dublin.  My first actual assignment to hand in was for Spirituality and Self Understanding.  Thought I'd share a taste of it.

The assignment:
How do I experience Love and Joy from God?

My response:  
The question isn’t hard, and the answer is quick.  It pulses deep within me.  It has developed slowly through time, been forged in experience; suffering; prayer; healing; thanksgiving.  Taking all that and putting it into words, however, is not so easy.  Bear with me as I try.

It starts with knowing that I was created.  I was designed.  Made with intention and purpose.  Specifically unique.  It continues with realizing that I am known. My Maker pursues me.  Refines me.  Reshapes me.  He didn’t cast me aside to live my life forgotten.  I am a work in progress.  He’s not finished with me yet.  He knows all my thoughts.  He sees deep inside my heart, to places I can’t even fathom.  Nothing is hidden from Him.  Not my sin.  Or my doubt.  Or my selfish ambition.   Yet He continues to draw close to me.  To reveal Love through His faithfulness. Through His provision.  Though His healing.  Though His eternal commitment to me—His created.

So my soul longs for Him.  To know Him as He knows me.  Like a deer, I pant for Living Water.  From deep to deep.  With groanings that have no words.  My spirit reaches for Him.  He meets me where I am.  He drowns my inadequacies in the blood of Christ.  It is through the Resurrection that my fullness is made complete.   Full joy.  Full peace.  Full comfort.  I am left with no alternative but to rejoice.  When my heart forgets all that He has done, all that has been accomplished, He renews my Joy through His word.  Through the faithfulness of others.  Through the beauty of creation.  Through His persistent pursuit of my heart.

These words are insufficient.  But they’re a start.  An attempt.  The truth is that the answer is still being written.  That every day, every struggle, every blessing brings greater Love.  Deeper Joy.  The everlasting gifts of a merciful King!

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