Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perspicacious Perspicacity.

There are things Satan attacks me with: doubt, fear, insecurity, inadequacy.  He says that loneliness is inevitable.  That I'm not desired.  That I will never be sought after.  He tells me I'm too much.  Too independent.  Too strong.  He convinces me that I will fail.  That I don't have what it takes.  That I shouldn't even try.  He whispers.  He distracts.  He twists the words of others.  All to deceive my heart.  To draw me away from Love.

Then there are the things I am certain of, the things that these lies can never take away from me: God is faithful.  He is good.  He has a purpose for me, prepared in advance for me to do.  He listens when I cry out to him.  He delivers me from anguish.  He is greater than my heart.  He can do more than I could ever even dream to ask from Him.

He is all I need.  My worth is found in Him.  He is in control.  He loves me.  He will never leave me.  He dwells in me.  I am safe with him.  He is not malicious.  He is not deceitful.  He doesn't set me up to fail.  He uses my failures for good.  His will is perfect.  His timing is perfect.  His grip on my heart is eternal.  He is steadfast.

He doesn't keep me sheltered, but He's my refuge when I'm battered.  He prepares me for battle.  He fights alongside me.  He continues to fight for me when I have no strength left.  Then He lifts me up on eagles' wings.  He fills my weary lungs with the breath of Life.

In Him I find rest.  Peace.  Gentle waters.  He calms the storm raging within me.  He has proven Himself to me over and over.  His hand remains on my heart.  He surrounds me.  He guards me.  He watches over me.  He protects me.  All of my trust, my entire life, belongs to Him.  He is my only desire.

I cling to these promises.  To all the things I know about my Creator and the nature of His love for me.  He is faithful in His call.  In His provision.  In His refining.  In His healing.  In His protection.  Satan doesn't stand a chance in the battle for my heart!

Yes, perspicacious is a real word.  No, I did not make it up.  And I learned it from Denise, not Mary Poppins.

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