Sunday, August 28, 2011

Meet M.I.M.

My. Irish. Machine.  Isn't she beautiful?  Note the extended table for quilting.  Trust me, it's a big deal!  So is that little box full of quilting accessories.  Things are about to get serious.

Denise brought M.I.M. over on Tuesday afternoon.  In a matter of minutes, every free space in my teen-tiny-living-room was covered with boxes, styrofoam, free accessories, and other sewing essentials.

With Denise reading the manual, it didn't take long to wind a bobbin, thread M.I.M up, and sew my first seam.  That was about all I could handle on Tuesday.  I, like the rest of the folks on the team, was sick-something-horrible.  See that smile?  It took the last of my energy.

Luckily, my bug only lasted almost-exactly-24-hours.  By Wednesday evening, I was finally feeling up to the task of finishing a quilt I'd started while I was living at the Karnes'.  My teeny-tiny-living-room was barely-big-enough to get it ready to quilt.  Good thing "barely" counts when it comes to quilting.  M.I.M. surpassed all my expectations!

It turned out that sewing something was just what I needed to get well.  About 10 minutes after I finished quilting-and-binding that quilt, I started picking-and-cutting fabric for the next one.  I also discovered a more-fun-than-drying-laundry use for my drying rack...

M.I.M. and I have spent a lot of quality time together these past couple of days.  I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that she's everything I've been looking for... fast, quiet, easy to get along with... I think we're going to be very happy together.

See how straight she sews?  I can't take any credit for those seams (well, maybe just a little credit).  But most of it should go to the 1/4" quilting foot that came in that little box above.  I had no idea what I'd been missing out on all these years.  Now I know.  My world has been rocked.

I start school a week from Monday.  Which means I've got a week to get rid of all the quilting-energy that's been pent up over the last 2 months.  Like I said, things are about to get serious.  For real.

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