Team Dublin

We want to glorify God! We strive for this goal by answering God's call to us to become long-term evangelists in the Republic of Ireland and Western Europe.  Our initial vision for Dublin is two-fold: The first phase is to work with the Ranelagh church, helping them enhance their evangelistic efforts and methods. We then plan to assist these Christians in planting numerous churches in Dublin and the surrounding area. English language, centralized location, abundant and economical transportation the the rest of Western Europe, and a government amicable to Christianity are all characteristics that make Dublin an ideal gteway for our mission. It should also provide a convenient base for future mission efforts and training.

Our strategy is a blend of several church planting models, and may be best described as obedience-based discipleship. We plan to work closely with the existing congregation. We plan to immerse ourselves in the culture of Ireland to better identify and serve in ministries that provide access to the unchurched. We will go slow to go fast, taking time to disciple people of peace that we can pour our lives into. We hope to introduce these people of peace to God’s will through deliberate, discovery-based study of the Bible. We will strive to model obedience to God’s will as God compels these new believers to repentance and transformation. We will help mentor them to maturity. Through God’s empowerment they will learn to share their spiritual journey with family and friends. These simple but very personal methods have fostered phenomenal adoption of Christianity in many parts of the world in recent years.

We believe God is preparing Ireland and the rest of Western Europe for the success of these efforts right now. Ireland should be especially responsive due to of several key factors. The wounds of “high-church” and the Catholic vs. Protestant conflicts have left many of the Irish hungry for a simpler, purer Christianity. Islam is doubling every 2 years in Ireland due in large part to the younger generation’s distaste for a lazy Christianity that requires only acknowledgement rather than obedience. The community pub culture of Ireland has also helped to condition it’s people for small group intimacy and accountability. Lastly, Dublin’s large and expanding immigrant population provides access to a diverse and receptive demographic. The seeds of the Gospel, planted during a season of transition in their lives can eventually be shared with loved ones in their home countries.

With God’s glorification as our mission, His call as our vision, His work as our strategy and His word as our guide, we are humbled and excited to embark on this journey...a transformation of ourselves and the lost in Ireland for the glory of God!