Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Night-night, Jes.

Last night, around 11 pm, my sister wrote the following post on my facebook:

Will you please write a new blog... I like to lay in bed and read it on my phone before I go to sleep.

Okay J,  here you go.  Consider this your bedtime story.

A long, long time ago there was a little girl named MaryGeorge.  She was sweet and perfect.  So sweet and perfect, in fact, that her parents decided the family would be twice-as-wonderful if MG had a little sister.  MG was so excited about her new sister.  She loved Rosi from the very beginning.  They played and played.  Sometimes they fought.  But mostly they loved, and as they got bigger, their sistership got stronger.

There lived, nearby, a Boring Woman.  She detested the girls and their sistership.  Too much laughing.  Too much playing.  Too much fun.  All the noise interrupted the monotony of her boring life.  If only I could make them stay inside, she thought.  Then they would be bored too, and I wouldn't have to listen to their joy.  So she cursed the sky.  The clouds grew big and black.  Then, with a flash of lightening and a crash of thunder, the clouds broke into heavy rain.

MG and Rosi started running home, terrified by the frightening storm.  Then they remembered a song they'd learned long ago.  If all the raindrops were lemon-drops and gum-drops, oh whatta day that would be.  They mumbled the words quietly at first, then louder and louder.  The song melted away their fright.  Soon they were dancing in the rain as they continued to sing.  We'd stand outside with our mouths opened wide, ah ah ah ahahahahahah.  Their laughter returned, and so did the sun, breaking the curse of Boring Woman.

Furious, Boring Woman raised her fist to the sky, screaming more angry curses.  Immediately, the wind began to blow.  The air turned icy and cold.  The clouds returned.  This time it wasn't rain, but snow, that fell from the clouds.  A blizzard blinded the girls.  They shivered against the wind.  They fought to see past the white.  And again they began to sing.  If all the snowflakes were hershey bars and cupcakes, oh whatta day that would be.  The wind subsided.  The snow became calmer.  The flakes seemed to dance their way to the ground, joining the sisters' song.  We'd stand outside with our mouths opened wide, ah ah ah ahahahahahah.

Boring Woman was appalled!  Even the weather was having fun!  Boring Woman couldn't stand it anymore. She threw all her boring things into her one boring suitcase and moved far, far away to the boring land of Thor, where it was dark and gloomy all the time.  The sisters never saw her again.

The end.

Night, night, sister.

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