Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow happy, snow fun!

Winter finally came!  It was cold and rainy when we left for church yesterday morning.  As we were leaving church, the rain became big snowflakes.  And by the time we got home from lunch, the ground was completely hidden.  It snowed big and long.  About 4 inches total.  Not too shabby for Texas.

I'm not sure who loves snow more... me or Dakota.  We had a blast obliterating the winter wonderland scene in the backyard.  Now it's a white, slushy mess, but "snow" worth it!

And p.s. - thanks for bearing with me as I play around with my new camera (!) and learn how to make awesome videos with corny soundtracks.  Can't help it.


  1. well, you know, i've got to experiment so i can speed up the learning curve. like when i spent 5 hours creating my blog :) i can't seem to help it...